Hunger Pains

The sun hurts my eyes.

I was feeling pretty good today, so I got up and went outside. It’s really bright out here. Looks like I’m in some kind of walled town. Apart from the buildings, everything looks like it’s been jumbled together from scrap metal and car parts. Kind of weird.  Anyhow, I thought it would be best to disappear before someone tried to hand me a medical bill, so walked around town for a bit, blending in and taking in the impoverished scenery. This town is pretty run down, but not as bad as the places I used to hang out.

I was feeling pretty hungry. I don’t even know when I last had something to eat. There was a little cart selling what I hope was fried mushroom.  Luckily whoever saved me hadn’t taken my wallet. I tried to pay with some green, but the guy just waved a handful of military dog-tags in front of my face and started yelling at me.

This is going to take some getting used to.

PS. I think I’ve chosen a new name.

-Joe Junkman.

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