One comment on “Unpacking the Brotherhood of Steel: Part 2

  1. Warren says:

    This is full of a lot of mistakes that makes the analysis sloppy:

    “Apparently, the reason for the BoS mounting an east coast expedition was because there were reports of super mutants in Washington DC.” This is not the case. Besides that, the Fallout 1 ending slides are notoriously messy in implementation (some bad endings are inevitable due to dev error). Fallout 2 does provide a bit of an answer in the Shaggy dog story of getting the Brotherhood Vertibird plans – Matt gets killed before delivering the Vertibird plans. A bit of a big “not a powerhouse of tech” sign. So its hard to dwell on it.

    The fact that the Brotherhood evolves and shifts is a theme directly from 1: just talk to Sophia. Same goes for their isolationism in the face of threats. Cabbot says “some of the Initiates think we’re preparing for war. That’s why hardly anyone gets in now.” and that’s before you verify the existence of the Mutant army for the Brotherhood.


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