A Desert Oasis

I could get used to this!

After a few days of walking through the desert, our little wagon ended up at a great little place called Oasis. The people here are… not well. Most of them look like rotting corpses and smell just as bad. All of them are either sick with some kind of horrible disease or their bodies are home to squirming creatures. Saul Fore calls them “undying”.

Well anyway, turns out Oasis is a casino in the middle of the wasteland! My kind of place! While Saul Fore and the others were doing some trading, I hit the tables. I took ten lousy dog-tags and turned it into over a hundred! I could’ve kept going, but Saul said that we had to get back on the road.

Just as we were leaving, this guy dressed up in safari gear walked in. He wore a hat pinned up on one side and was armed to the teeth. When he came through that door, he stole everyone’s attention. Guy talked to Saul Fore for a few minutes and then disappeared into the crowd. Saul said the guy’s name is James Gray. Apparently he’s the last Australian bushman, whatever that means.

We got back on the old highway and headed off to Abundance. In the middle of our journey, Saul warned me to always stick to the road and to never wander through this part of the wasteland. Apparently it’s called the Rad-Lands.

I got a full stomach, a handful of armed guards, and a hundred tags. I’m having a great day!

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