Through the Fire and the Flames

I’m hurt.

We were on the third day of our journey across the desert valley when suddenly three guys in Halloween costumes burst out of the brush. Two of them were dressed up like devils with cheesy masks and red pajamas. The third guy was huge and wore a chef’s apron that said “kiss the cook”. Normally, I’m not afraid of Halloween costumes, but the devils had pitchforks that were covered in burning tar and the chef had a freaking flamethrower!

Saul Fore and his men opened fire on our attackers, but those devils were fast. They took out one of our guys before I could pull the trigger. The cook unleashed a blast from his flamer. Our little wagon was burned to a crisp. Problem is we were carrying a ton of gunpowder and fresh bullets. The cart exploded, throwing me and Saul Fore off of the road. I thought I was dead. I hurt all over. I couldn’t hear anything. I think I passed out.

When I came to, the first thing I was Saul Fore’s face. The man’s skin looked like charcoal. I couldn’t tell if he was still breathing. Shakily standing up, I found myself face to face with that safari man from the casino, James Gray. At first, he didn’t seem very interested with me; he was too busy removing a flamethrower’s fuel tank. Although I was a little taller than him, the bushman was still pretty intimidating.

Gray pocketed the fuel canister and starting yelling at me with his crazy Australian accent. He told me to grab Saul’s legs and that together we’d carry him up to Abundance. I tried to argue that the old man was dead, but Gray said something about Saul Fore being too valuable to lose. I didn’t have a choice, so I grabbed Saul’s legs and together we set out in the wasteland.

I hope I don’t have to spend too much time with this guy.

-Joe Junkman

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