Living Legends: James Gray


Seeking to capture the west coast of the United States, the Australian army created a new type of soldier, the Bushman. These elite warriors specialized in survival and desert combat and were equipped with the finest weapons produced by either the Australians or the ARE. 100 squads were formed, each comprised of 25 soldiers. It is believed that only one of the Bushmen survived both the war and nuclear annihilation, James Gray.

                As a Bushman, Gray’s only goal is to survive. Before amassing his wealth of dog-tags, James Gray was willing to steal from or kill anyone who got in his way. Seeing Gray’s potential, the commander of the 47th ARE legion, General Morris Kass, hired Gray as his personal courier and assassin. As the years passed by, Gray became something of a wasteland celebrity. On Kass’ behalf, he has made deals with nearly every faction of the Mo-Javi and was instrumental in stopping high-profile raider attacks and mutant threats.

Despite his fame, James Gray chooses to cut himself off from others. More often than not, the Bushman traverses the Mo-Javi alone. Those few who are brave or stupid enough to follow him usually end up crippled or dead. Though he keeps an outwardly tough and even crazed persona, the truth is that Gray is haunted by shadows of his past and feels that any who follows him will meet the same fate as the rest of the Bushmen.

You can follow his wasteland exploits on Twitter: @thelastbushman

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